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Hello and welcome to my awesome website!  My name is Keli, and I am the owner of Critical Care Nurse Consulting and co-owner of Criminal Defense Nurse Consulting.  I stumbled into the legal nurse consulting field in early 2018 when I was hired as an Informatics RN, and I have been hooked ever since. There is something magical about seeing people who have had horrific things happen to them get closure and move on to live the best life possible. 

As a baby flight nurse, one of my first scene flights was a multi-rotor accident in which a motorcycle went through an RV and into the back of the truck hauling the RV at approximately 70 mph.  Little did I know that this accident would set me on the path to learning everything I could about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).  I have spent the greater part of the last 10 years researching, studying, and learning all that I could about both TBIs as well as spinal cord injuries (SCIs). And, in case you were wondering – everyone survived that accident.

I value education and have a BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, a BSN in Nursing, and will graduate with my MSN in Forensic Nursing in August of 2022.  My master’s thesis is on – guess… Traumatic Brain Injuries!!!

In my spare time, I mentor young women who want to pursue a career in the sciences or small business and volunteer at the human society.  Life is too short and too fragile to not support and empower other women.  Finally, my favorite charity is St. Jude’s Hospital because no child should ever have to go through cancer.

Member of:

American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC)                     

International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN)          

American Bar Association (ABA)

Air & Surface Transport Nurses

Orlando Chapter of AALNC

Emergency Nurse Association (ENA)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Affiliate

New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Affiliate

Our Areas Of Expertise

Our focus is to pair the nurse’s clinical expertise with your specific needs, ensuring a perfect match that will decrease the total cost of case review, allow us to work within your budget, and provide unique and high-quality customized reports!

Our team of Registered Nurses has extensive clinical experience in the following areas: Emergency/Trauma, Flight/Transport, Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, Burn Care,  Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Hospice, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Wound Care, Operating
Room, Home Health, Nursing Home, Cardiac Care, Oncology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Orthopedic, Hospice, Infection Control, Psychiatric, Postpartum/Well baby, Medication Administration, Nursing Standards
of Care, and many more! 

Family Law


Assault (Aggravated, Sexual, DV)

Motor Vehicle Collision's

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

Mass Torts

Abuse (Elder/Child)

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1. What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A registered nurse or team of registered nurses who use their years of medical expertise to review and consult on all medicolegal cases.  Critical Care Nurse Consulting works with all lawyers and paralegals behind the scenes and as expert witnesses to get what you need for your cases!

2. Why should we hire your firm?

Frankly, we are an awesome team of nurses who take great pride in creating customized work products within your budget. Legal nurse consulting allows us to advocate for our patients on an even greater level which makes us all very happy.

3. Why can’t I do my own medical records review?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Why?  We have years of medical experience and know the standards of care as well as red flags that may appear in the medical record.

While Google is pretty darn great, understanding the pathophysiology and pharmacological implications of treatment that may or may not have been performed is where we excel.

We can efficiently evaluate a medical record and tell you where you should focus and who you should focus on! Plus, this frees up your time to get more clients and cases!

4. How much do you charge?

We work WITHIN your budget. Our theory is that if we partner to advocate for patients and clients, the money works itself out in the end.

Our goal is to have a relationship with you and your firm where you count on us, and we deliver!

5. What makes your firm unique?

While we have over 25 years of healthcare experience, 15 years in nursing, we don’t know everything – shocking I know!

Our goal is to get you and your client the best resources available. We build relationships with our clients and have a network of specialist nurses at our disposal.

If you have a quick medical question, shoot us a text or email.  If that discussion ends up being 30 minutes, so be it, that is part of the service we provide.

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