Our Services

Personal Injury

As Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury specialists, personal injury cases are near and dear to our hearts. Whether it be an auto accident, wrongful death, slip and fall, workplace accident, animal bites, nursing home abuse or neglect, or spinal cord injuries – we assist you in obtaining the best settlement possible for your client.

Criminal Defense

Our CEO and Chief Nursing Officer has a master’s in forensic nursing and uses that to assist in the preparation of family law, assault, homicide, elder abuse, human trafficking, and abuse cases. We offer special pricing for public defenders.

Medical Malpractice

With over 25 years of healthcare experience, we understand that sometimes negligence occurs in the hospital.  We can evaluate a medical record and determine if negligence has occurred.  Common types of negligence include failure to diagnose, failure to treat, birth injuries, medication errors, pressure ulcers,  and surgical errors. We will also locate expert witnesses, so you present the best case possible.


Get the most accurate, up to date scientifically based information available.  Whether it’s defining a physiological process or mapping the pathophysiology of a disease, we stand by to assist.

Expert Witness

If you need a particular physician or nurse specialist for expert witness work, we can assist you in finding clinically active, impeccable options.

Courtroom Graphics & Medical Illustrations

Need to make a point during a trial with flowchart graphics or illustrations? We will assist you in creating or finding the perfect graphic or illustration to meet your needs.

Medical Records Retrieval

One of the most frustrating parts of any medicolegal case is waiting for the medical records to arrive and finding you received 30% of what you need. We have partnered with a service to expedite medical records retrieval at very reasonable and affordable rates, and we pass those savings onto you!


As a service to our clients, we provide FREE CLEs (up to one hour).  Our topics include Medical Terminology for Newbies, Commonly Missed Diagnosis, Is this Normal? and many more.  If there is a specific topic you would like us to present, we can happily arrange it.  All training will be via Zoom or Webinar unless specifically requested to teach in-house. In-house education availability will vary based on location and a fee may apply to cover expenses.

Mass Tort Cases

Find out about our boutique service for mass tort lawyers

We've curated a unique service to to cover every medical service required as part of the mass tort evaluation process. Working with an alliance of legal nurse consultants we can provide you with a digital and in person service that covers the whole of the country. To find out more and discuss this service please book a no obligation consult.

Are you a smaller law firm with a few hundred mass tort or class action clients that have stalled?  We offer a unique “one-stop-shop” from personalized intake to laser-focused medical record analysis to assist in getting you and your client the settlement they deserve.  Our affordable service is a perfect way for the smaller law firms to break into the mass tort world